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FWBC Finland Ltd has developed the World’s only low frequency sound wave device which enjoys a first-mover advantage as the only Class II FDA registered Physioacoustic (vibrational) device on the U. S. market today. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved that the PA device provides 100% acoustical stimulation. Although other devices using merely mechanical vibration are available, studies show that these devices may actually cause internal damage or injury, limiting such mechanisms’ efficacy.

Project will develop a new kind of Physioacoustic medical device using the same IPR and scientific research as a basis, but will be targeted to private homes with a cheaper version which is manufactured in China. Currently the manufacturing is in Finland, even if some parts are sourced in China.

Next Wave Physioacoustic’s core technology is to utilise directed low-frequency acoustic vibration to affect the fluid flows inside the human body. Special proprietary software programmes have been developed for effective treatment that vary the vibration frequency, power and directional parameters. There is preliminary data that the Physioacoustic method can help the human body to combat the secondary infections resulting from the Covid-19 infection. The secondary infections have been found the main reason for premature deaths resulting from Covid-19 infections.

Ilkka Turunen