FWBC Finland Ltd and its subsidiary FWBC Japan Ltd provide a solid link and channel between Scandinavian and Japanese wellbeing, wellness and healthcare markets

  • FWBC Finland Ltd was established in 2002 as a joint venture by 12 leading Finnish wellbeing technology and service providers
  • FWBC Finland is well connected to the Finnish wellbeing industry both with the technology and product providers and with the operators and the service providers
  • FWBC group has operated in Japan since 2002 creating the awareness of Finnish wellbeing solutions to local businesses, institutions and authorities
  • Company’s own product FWBC concept for nursing homes has been adobted into several facilities in Japan and in Finland

FWBC Finland Ltd markets the unique and dynamic Finnish Wellbeing Center concept aiming at promoting the functional capacity and life quality of the aging persons while reducing public costs.

  • What does “Finnish Wellbeing Center” or “FWBC” mean?
    • Combination of Service Expertise, Advanced Technology and Architecture.
    • It is a name and trade mark of a recent Finnish innovation, which comprises an unique, dynamic Finnish care concept complemented by advanced integrated Finnish technology and architecture.