In 1993 a group of Finnish experts set out to develop new, more effective methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The result was DBC – Documentation Based Care. Today DBC is a global success story that has improved the lives of thousands of people, from office workers to professional athletes and from teenager to elderly persons.


We help the world’s leading treatment providers to deliver excellence in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, by providing:
Better Results
– through the best evidence based practice and quality assurance
Greater Efficiency
– through standardized processes and purpose-built technology
Greater Cost-Benefit
– through excellent long lasting outcomes

DBC Helps with Musculoskeletal problems and supports the Quality of Life.


What We Do
All of the DBC Treatments for the Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee follow a structured treatment Process in order to assist in the delivery of an easily documented treatment delivery process.




DBC has the largest Physiotherapy Treatment Outcome database in the world, documented and reported by the DBC Quality Assurance process. With this database of over 115,000 documented treatments we have proven outcomes showing:

DBC Reports
What We Provide

Treatment Protocols
DBC Provides 4 Active Treatment Systems as a Solution for the majority of Musculoskeletal issues. These DBC Systems assists in addressing of the Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee problems.

DBC produces a series of purpose built medical devices to provide biomechanically efficient targeted training movements. The position and progression of the training movements can be modified to meet the needs of the individual patient and the training progress that they require.

Clinical Information System (CIS)

The DBC Clinical Information System has been designed with the modern day physiotherapy clinic in mind; Assisting to manage patients from the first point of contact and through the individual treatment process as well as the management of exercise groups. The goal of the CIS is to ease the workload of treatment documentation process and have the physiotherapist in spending more time in front of the patient.

DBC Training
The initial DBC training is a comprehensive introduction to the utilization of DBC Active Training processes in the modern day physiotherapy clinic. The DBC Clinical Training is aimed at Physiotherapists and other medical and healthcare professionals.

The DBC headquarters and the International Pilot Clinic are located in the Finnish Capital Region, Espoo/ Leppävaara, 20 mins from Helsinki Airport and by local train just 12 mins from the Central Station of Helsinki http://www.dbc.fi/contact-page/

Web: www.dbc.fi