What we do

Genano Ltd develops and produces premium air purification units with a patented, filterless air purification method.

The unique Genano Technology® decontaminates air from particles down to nanosize. The patented technology also eliminates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mould from the air, instead of just collecting them. Active carbon included in the units removes gases and odours.


Where is Genano used and how?

In hospitals, existing patient rooms can be converted to isolation rooms and new ones can be built quickly and efficiently with Genano air decontamination units. Genano can function as the main system for air decontamination and ventilation, or complement an existing system.

Genano is used in hospitals to:
• set up negative pressure isolation rooms – required for patients with serious and infectious diseases, such as MERS, SARS or tuberculosis;
• set up positive pressure isolation rooms – used to protect patients with weakened immune systems from airborne contaminants in the hospital environment. These immunocompromised patients include cancer, burn, leukemia and AIDS patients and those who have recently gone through bone marrow or organ transplantation;
• quickly build temporary isolation wards – to isolate a large number of infectious patients during outbreaks; and
• to protect critical areas such as operating rooms and ICUs from air impurities.


In laboratories, Genano can be used to create new cleanrooms, and to raise air quality in existing facilities. Genano is used in laboratories to prevent airborne contamination in e.g. pathogen and molecular diagnostics facilities, and protect the staff.

In offices, schools and daycare centers Genano is used to improve general indoor air quality. Many buildings in Nordic countries are burdened with moisture damage and building quality problems, which release microbes and chemicals in indoor air. In many countries, air pollution is a growing health hazard and pollution fine particles can enter indoor air. These cause health problems and discomfort to the people in the building. Genano air purifiers are used to clean indoor air constantly from fine particles, mold spores, microbes and chemical compounds.

Who we are

Genano Ltd is a high technology company founded in 1999 in Finland. Our expertise in air decontamination is used in hospitals, laboratories and facilities that have extremely high requirements for air purity.

Genano is active in more than 20 countries around the world. International sales are mostly realized by our dedicated local partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Genano headquarters are located in the Finnish Capital Region, Espoo, 25 mins from Helsinki Airport. Our other offices are located in Sweden and Belgium.

Web: http://www.genano.com