Gaius bathrooms by Korpinen provides barrier-free, functional bathroom solutions for hospitals, care homes, special needs housing, public sanitaries and private residences. The solutions’ carefully planned and tested functional elements support the users’ independent mobility and allow caregivers to work in ergonomic positions.

In the design of Gaius bathrooms, special attention has been paid to the ergonomics of both users and assistants. Advanced solutions are used to increase safety and minimize the risk of falls and other accidents. The choice of product colours, the use of indirect light, and the soft general coloring in the bathroom facilitate the gauging of distances and space, prevent reflections, and thus reduce the risk of inaccurate interpretations.

Gaius Original bathroom solution promotes the users’ self-reliance and independent coping

The Gaius Original bathroom solution is to promote independent living and mobility in care homes, service centres, home care units and medical centres. This practical solution can be adapted to each user’s individual needs. Both elderly people and nurses have praised the Gaius Original bathroom solution for delivering a very positive user experience.

The Gaius Hospital bathroom solution is designed for users who require more assistance, also taking into account the needs of the care personnel

The Gaius Hospital bathroom solution is designed to meet the often demanding needs of those who are in critical need of support and their caregivers. The solution provides plenty of space for a shower trolley, two assistants and a patient lift, giving assistants the freedom to work in ergonomic positions. The solution also supports uncompelled movement and thereby the recovery of patients.

The Gaius Hospital is an accessible bathroom solution praised by the designing architects, builders, hospital operators, medical nurses, doctors and patients. Gaius Hospital won the Ergonomics Prize of the Finnish Ergonomics Society ERY in 2004.



Gaius Public is a solution for the sanitary rooms and multi-functional obstruction-free toilet rooms of the disabled in public building

The solution serves all users, taking into account the special needs of men and women, persons with mobility disorders and baby care/children’s toilet. The range of furniture and equipment of this solution includes stylish products for hotels, various business premises and cultural centres.


Gaius Life bathroom – an accessible bathroom for private homes and independent living

Gaius Life is a functional and attractive bathroom designed for the home environment. The solution promotes daily activities and independent coping. Everything in Gaius Life bathrooms serves a purpose – for example the shower doors are not only stylish, they also give wheelchair users unobstructed access to the shower.


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