Martela is one of the Nordic leaders in the office interior industry.A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for seventy years.

In addition to innovative and ergonomic furniture solutions Martela designs and implements various workplace related services.

Martela helps improve the employee well-being while at the same time increasing the space use efficiency in workplaces, schools and welfare environments.


design Hannu Voutilainen

The Kaisa chair has been designed for care facilities. The seat has a moisture barrier and quick-release fasteners for ease of care. An upholstered cushion is available for the backrest.

The wheels and handles of the Kaisa chair improve the work ergonomics of care staff.

Kaisa chair

design by Kari Asikainen

Kari Asikainen’s Kari 1 is a classic form-pressed wooden chair from 1969. Stackable with simple design, it is a comfortable universal chair.

Thanks to its versatile range of options, such as several seat heights raised base, and detachable seat upholstery, Kari 1 is especially suitable for care facilities. This makes the Kari 1 chair ideal for rehabilitation centres and rest homes.

As the chairs can be linked into rows and have optional writing pads, they can also be used in halls and waiting rooms.

Thanks to their light and durable wooden structure and timeless design, the Kari chairs have a low environmental footprint. For example, making a single Kari 1 chair generates the same amount of CO2 emissions as a car trip of roughly 70 km. The trip will take less than an hour but the chair will last for decades.

The Kari series designed by Kari Asikainen consists of diverse furniture, ranging from universal chairs and tables to lobby furniture. More than half a million Kari chairs have been made. Placed tightly side by side, these chairs would form a row from Helsinki to Turku and back.

KARI armchair kari chair

PLUS+ Rocking chair
design by Jukka Setälä

The Plus+ rocking chair promotes active sitting and effectively activates your muscles. The removable upholstery and moisture barrier make the chair easy to service and the thermo-elastic foam cushion adds comfort.

Jukka Setälä based his Plus+ series design on the design-for-all principle. The furniture is very comfortable and safe to use, but also stylish and well-proportioned. Moreover, it meets all special requirements and has passed stringent tests. Physical frailty does not prevent people from appreciating beauty.

Plus+ is a series of eight variable pieces of furniture, including a wooden chair with armrests, an easy chair with a low or high backrest, sofas seating two or three, a rocking chair, two sofa tables and a dining table. Round wooden legs and elegance create the harmonious look that encompasses the Pinta+ series.

PLUS rocking chair