9.2010.Saijon avajaiset 12

Market studies

– Tailored market studies for specific products or services

– Studies for the needs and demands on the related markets

Local assistance

– Arranging and managing meetings with our partners’ clients

– Language and cultural intepretation

Partner and client search

– Search for possible end-user clients or sales channel partners

Agent arrangements

– Acting as commission based agent in direct sales assignments

– Agent arrangements in FWBC-concept based projects


– Distribution of volume products in Japanese markets

Channel management

– Acting as local supervisor overlooking the sales channels of our partners

Certifications and authority relations

– Supporting our partners in certification and approval related issues

After sales

– Developing and supervising the required after sales services

Project sales

– Developing and selling large scale projects incorporating products and services of our partners


– Matchmaking between the partners and with the Japanese private and public operators in wellbeing and healthcare sector

Joint activities

– Arranging joint sales and marketing activities for our partners

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